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Red Light - Planning For Success

Coming from a track and field background, the world used to be viewed as a race for me. Getting through things as fast as possible and not worrying if the quality was up to the highest standard. Early in my coaching career, I wanted to learn everything and find the newest innovations to help my athletes.

This was not to say that I didn’t try to apply tried and true resources and plans to my coaching but I kept looking for the next best thing. My plans were chaotic, my athletes saw a spectrum of success, and I’d end every season with a gnawing feeling that I could have done more and that next season I won’t make the same mistakes.

Fast-forward 8 or 9 years and we get to June 2020. My teams have broken 50+ school records, won two conference titles back to back, won the first State Open title in school history with only 6 girls, and have had multiple New England champions. Without that coming off as a humble brag, even with all the programs successes, I feel that I failed them season after season. I didn’t plan enough enough, I didn’t stay consistent with my themes or values and worst of all, I didn’t keep my focus on developing a cohesive team compared to one that wins meets.

Thanks to a friend and mentor, Greg Ferry, he taught me that self-reflection is the key to understanding and growth as a coach and a good person. At the end of each season, I now compile a list of things that went well with the season, things I could improve, and things that were out of my control. By having these written down, it allows me to fully understand the events that came from the season and will help guide me in setting new goals and plans for the next season.

This post was a long winded way of me saying that having a plan allows for reflection, progression, and an opportunity for growth. That is why it is the first step in the motto of Green Light Sports Performance. Plan - Practice - Perform. It’s the only way to reach the highest level of performance!!

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